Tanja is presenting at Wageninen University & Research


Tanja presented our project today for the Wageningen University & Research at Lelystad. We are working on a renovation and the interior of a constructist building. Our project looks to respect the structuralist heritage of the building. We are excited to support WUR scientists and researchers by providing a beautiful, comfortable and sutainably designed space. 

Thank you for having us! Onward with the work!


Largest green facade in the Netherlands


Exiting news from the building site! We unveiled the largest green facade in the Netherlands. Plants are flurishing on the new circular facade at the Shopping Center Bisanspoor.

In total there are 1445,29 m2 of greenery on the shopping center’s facade. Each facade orientation has a it’s own special composition of plants that corespond to the light conditions.

We collaborated with Donker Groen and Studio MAAN to provide our client with the most future proof proposal possible.


Neolife, a biobased facade


The facade of the Bisonspoor Shopping Center is partially made out of Neolife, a biobased composite material that mimics wood.

In fact, the material contains up to 92% wood fibre as it is recomposed recycled sawmill cut-offs. Neolife is only made out of waste products from sawmills that only cut sustainably managed European forests with a low carbon footprint.

Success! Second bridge put up overnight!


Bridge was built overnight to disrupt the supermarket loading as little as possible. The building is coming together at a great speed now. 

Big thanks to all that worked tirelessly all night to make this happen!

Facade transplantation is done! 


How can we best ensure that there is minimum waste in our designs? Reuse materials!

We transplanted old ceramic tiles from one side of the building to onto a new part of the Bisonspoor Shopping Center.